Kose - One By Kose Serum Veil Hydrating Booster Serum 120ml 120ml

Brand from Japan: Kose. Throughout more than 70 years of company history, KOS has been making each and every one of you more beautiful. KOS has established technical strength and research capability which have been carefully consummated through their long history. ONE BY KOS is the ONE and only cosmetics brand that combines all of strength and capability of KOS . Serum Veil is a boosting serum which contains Rice Power No. 11. Rice Power No. 11 is only one active ingredient in Japan which can improve hydrating function of your skin by promoting your skin to produce ceramide. Iris root extract and clove extract are well-blended to moisturize your skin firmly. The cream also has a boosting effect to soften your skin and enhance the penetration of next step of your skin care. Effective for rough skin, as well. By smoothing the texture, the cream also keeps your makeup from coming off. Coloring-Agent-free. Weakly Acidic. The scent of Green Floral.

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